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Is Pan Am just another Mad Men...on air? Set in the same era as the popular Mad Men, Pan Am just might be reaping the benefits of Mad Men's hard work. But the producers and lead actress Christina Ricci defends the show against Mad Men similarities and sexist attitudes:

“Part of the irony of the profession [is] these are college-educated women who [often] spoke multiple languages,” says Corman, and yet they we still subjected to physical scrutiny to land the job.

Says EP Thomas Schlamme, “For me, the show could be called The Best Years of Our Lives, because for those people, at that moment, that what this is. And that’s what the show’s about.”

In a period where ladies had to look the part of sexy stewardesses and fulfilled a certain fantasy, Pan Am is all about the romanticism and allure of the 1960s. As for Mad Men similarities Schlamme adamantly maintains that aside from being set in the same era, they have nothing to do with one another.

Are you excited for Pan Am? Or do we have enough period shows already?


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